Thursday, April 29, 2010

Covered Wipes Cases

A friend of mine had her baby a couple of weeks ago and so I naturally needed to make some fun accessories to accompany sweet little MJ... Here is a pic of the wipes case that I recovered for my DF Frances. It matches the nursing cover I made her for her baby shower!!!
I've used wide ribbon to make cases before, but never worked with stretching the fabric over it. For my first time, I was pretty happy although there are definitely some kinks to work out on the corners and trim, but overall NOT BAD!!! This project started out with just the fabric and then I decided it needed a little more... so, I added the 2" wide brown satin ribbon sash... STILL not enough! So, I decided to try something I've been wanting to experiment with for awhile... RIBBON ROSETTES!!! I've got some practicing to do, but I think my bestie will LOVE this set!

The second Wipes Case I made was for me and my newest addition coming next month!

I've made this version in different colors for my other babies, but I wanted a NEW one in this fun, rusty rose color! Sooooooo pretty, right???

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