Saturday, October 17, 2009

Block Letter Decor

I have always loved to do projects with Modge Podge. It is quite possibly the funnest crafting essential anyone can have in their closet! There are so many ways to make an ordinary item become a lifetime treasure with just a bottle of Modge Podge and some beautiful paper, magazine cutouts, and even copies of your favorite pictures.

I was turned onto the Block Letters by a friend of mine who owns her own Nail Salon out of her home in Idaho. She has a different set of adorable letters for practically EVERY season and holiday! She started by taking a class at her local scrapbooking shop and from then on she was hooked! Now she just orders the kit with all the papers and embellishments she needs for that specific project... Above is the project she started me on last summer!

I may do my own tutorial at a later time, but for now here is a great one from Pepperblossom Decor. They used it for the Halloween Theme and it couldn't be any cuter!

From their blog:

Here is an awesome Halloween project that is fast and User friendly! Holiday decorations can get so expensive. This project can cost you around ten dollars and you have the satisfaction of making it yourself! So Go for it!

Materials Needed:

Letters B,O,O...(can be found at a Hobby Lobby, Michaels or most craft stores.)
3 Orange and 3 Black pieces of scrapbook paper(Prefferably some cute Halloween prints)

1. Modge Podge
2. Foam Application brushes
3. Black Paint
4. Sand Paper
5. Misc black and Orange ribbons
6. Scissors
7. Box Cutter Blade or Crafters blade(seen in picture for step needed)

Go HERE for the rest of the tutorial...

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